Committee Members

  • Jakob Egbert Doek
    Jakob Egbert Doek

    ■ Convention of the Rights of Child
    ■ Juvenile justice
    ■ Child sexual and exploitation削
    ■ Family law

    Current Post/Resume

    Current Post: A tutor and guest lecturer at the Leiden University, Children’s Rights and Family Law Department.
    1. Juvenile court judge (1978 – 1985); Deputy Justice in the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam (2004 – 2012)。
    2. Professor of children’s and family law VU University Amsterdam (1985 – 2004)。
    3. UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (1999-2007)。
    4. A chairperson of UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (2001-2007)。
    5. A member of the Editorial Board for the UN Study on Violence against Children (2003-2006)。
    6. The chairperson of Aflatoun Child Savings International (2006-2014)。
    7. Senior Legal Advisor of ECPAT (2014-now)。
    8. The chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Child Helpline International (2015-now)。
    9. A member of the International Supervisory Board of Child Youth Finance International (2012-now)。
    10. A member of the Advisory Committee of Defence for Children International。
    11. A member of the jury established by KidsRights ( The Netherlands) for the international
         Kids Peace Prize。

  • Nigel Cantwell
    Nigel Cantwell
    United Kingdom & Switzerland

    ■ Human rights of children
    ■ Alternative care
    ■ Intercountry adoptions
    ■ Juvenile justice

    ■ Holds the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Strathclyde Glasgow


    Current Post/Resume

    Current Post: consultant to international organizations on child protection policies.
    1. Coordinator of the NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child,
        taking part in the drafting of that treaty.
    2. Participating in the development of the UN Rules for Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty.
    3. Participating in the development of the 1993 Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.
    4. Senior Project Officer (Implementation of International Standards),
        UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (1998-2003).
    5. Lead consultant for developing 2009 [UN] Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.
    6. Assessments of alternative care and adoption systems in over 15 countries on all continents.
    7. UNICEF Expert on intercountry adoption to the Hague Conference on Private International Law.
    8. Lecturer on Masters courses on children’s rights, Universities of Geneva and Leiden;
        Visiting Professor at University of Strathclyde.
    9. Authored some 40 articles and publications on children’s rights issues.

  • Nevena Vuckovic Sahovic
    Nevena Vuckovic Sahovic

    ■ Human rights
    ■ Child rights
    ■ International law

    Current Post/Resume

    Current Post:  Professor, the University of Oxford, Master’s in International Human Rights Law program.
    1. Founder and member of the Child Rights Centre in Belgrade (1997) and of the Belgrade Centre
        for Human Rights (1995).
    2. Member and general rapporteur of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (2003-2009).
    3. UNION University Faculty of Law in Belgrade (2007-).
    4. Dean of Faculty of Law of University of Ni (2008-2010) and the first Commissioner for the
        Protection of Equality (2010-2015).
    5. Chair and expert on the UN Voluntary Fund for the Contemporary forms of Slavery (2014-).
    6. Member of the Expert Committee of the International Children's Peace Prize.
    7. Professor Nevena Vuckovic Sahovic has taught at universities in Serbia, the UK, Netherlands,
        the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Spain, Portugal and others.

  • Laura Lundy
    Laura Lundy

    ■  Implementation of the UNCRC
    ■  Education rights
    ■  Children's rights to participate in decision-making
    ■  Domestic education and social security law

    Current Post/Resume

    Current Post: Professor of the Queen’s University Belfast, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work.
    1. Director of the cross-university Centre for Children's Rights(2011-ongoing).
    2. Professor in Law in the School of Law, University College Cork.
    3. Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Human Rights.
    4. Extensive experience of national and international participatory research with children,
        including for example a 2015 study in 71 countries that has informed the Committee
        on the Right of the Child’s General Comment on Public Spending.
    5. Advice and training on children’s rights provided to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,
        UNICEF, Council of Europe, Save the Children, Plan International and Child Rights Connect.

  • John Tobin
    John Tobin

    ■  International law
    ■  Human rights
    ■  Convention on the Rights of Child

    Current Post/Resume

    Current Post: Professor, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne; Francine V McNiff Chair in International Human Rights Law and Director of Studies, Human Rights.
    1. Principal Examiner, Child Law Specialization, Law Institute of Victoria (2011-present).
    2. Advisory Board member to the Melbourne Journal of International Law (2003-present)
        and International Journal of Children's Rights (2010-present).
    3. Commercial lawyer (1994-1997).
    4. Youth Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid (1997-2000).
    5. Legal Officer, Department of Justice (2000).
    6. Prof. John Tobin is currently working on an ARC Discovery Grant with Professor Philip Alston from NYU
        titled “Children's Rights: From Theory to Practice” which will produce a comprehensive commentary
        on the Convention on the Rights of the Child which will be published by OUP.